Healthy Skin That Glows From Head To Toe


David's experience at Biomedic® paved the way for him to found Philosophy®, giving him the opportunity to introduce a skincare brand at retail. Once the fledging brand became a bestselling blockbuster, David turned his start-up energy to another project: Revolution Tea. While the venture represented a new market for David, it presented a familiar challenge - taking a product he believed in from humble beginnings to tremendous success.

After effectively bringing three brands from relative obscurity to household names, David was approached by Therese Clark about an idea for a new medical skincare collection that would fill a void in the market, offering approachable, customizable skincare as a component of total body healing. Impressed by her vision but concerned about execution, David asked her to come back with a more fully formed plan.

When Therese returned a year later with a refined concept for mybody, David agreed to partner with Therese, tapping his wife Christine to bring her extensive experience in the retail sector to the project as CEO.

With a track record of taking brands from startup to industry leader, David represented the ideal authority to steer the development of the brand while leveraging his vast experience and passion for the medical channel. He reconnected with his industry contacts to make mybody a reality, working with top scientists and formulators to create a collection harnessing the most cutting-edge technology. With the goal of providing simple, manageable regimens for every patient, David worked with Therese and Christine to develop a complete range of effective skincare solutions that offer one-stop shopping for doctors. The resulting collection tells a story, giving consumers the opportunity to get in touch with their bodies as they age and heal from within and without.