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Darlene Barton, LPN

Darlene Barton, LPN

Clinical Director
of Education

Karen Menard, R.N.

Karen Menard, R.N.

Skin & Product Specialist

James Kone

James Kone Jr.

Vice President of Sales

Meet our accomplished team of medical experts in the field of aesthetic skincare technologies

Darlene Barton
Darlene Barton has been an LPN since 1973.  She enjoyed a 24 year career with the Mayo Clinic in the Ear Nose and Throat department while working as a clinical and surgical nurse. During her employment with the Mayo Clinic, she invented a surgical instrument and the Barton-Mayo Tracheostoma Button which are both used in vocal rehabilitation. She is published in the Head and Neck Journal for her inventions. 

Darlene was a sought after speaker at ENT nursing conferences, speech pathology conferences, and was asked to participate in the Head and Neck physicians conference as a speaker within their "New Devices Section".  Most recently, Barton received a patent for "The Auto Nanny", a device to prevent accidental injury or death to children and pets left in cars. READ MORE

Karen Menard
Karen Menard has spent the last 28 years of her nursing career in Plastic Surgery. She is a Past President of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists and has served on various committees over the past 17 years to help promote their scientific meetings. Educational, Philanthropic, Mentoring, Membership Roster, Goodie Bag, Scholarship and Newsletter are just a few of the committees she has worked on. She has presented at national medical and nursing conferences and in-service lectures at hospitals as well as to residents and physicians at a university level. READ MORE

James Kone Jr.
As Vice President of Sales for mybody, James Kone Jr. brings two decades of experience in developing and leading a brand’s field sales force within the pharmaceuticals, device and aesthetics industries.

Kone got his start in the industry at Forest, where he first gained experience in the female healthcare channel. Working closely with OBGYNS and other specialists, Kone managed sales of a wide range of devices and prescription products, from hormone replacement therapy to leading anti-depressants. READ MORE