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STEP 4 • mySPF™

The daily use of high-performance sunscreen is essential in protecting your delicate skin from photodamage, premature aging and dehydration. mybody offers two versions of our top selling PROTECT & SERVE sun shield to meet the needs of every woman. Our tinted SPF 30 is formulated for all skin types, its unique silicone base provides feather-light smoothness. This non-chemical sunscreen successfully reflects UVA/UVB rays and protects against photodamage, helps promote healing, moisture and healthy skin from the inside out. We also offer a non-tinted version SPF 40. PROTECT & SERVE, tinted or non-tinted is an essential step in your daily skincare routine. Apply as needed to face and neck area as well as the ears, hands and décolletage

PROTECT & SERVE™ Tinted Sun Shield
SPF 30 UVA/UVB Protection

Give your face the protection it deserves with mybody PROTECT AND SERVE. This double duty formula provides sunscreen protection while giving your face a little color. This tinted make-up primer contains a unique silicone base that provides feather-light smoothness on your skin.