Healthy Skin That Glows From Head To Toe

What makes mybody standout?

Our company is founded on the basic idea that when the mind and body are in optimal health, the skin looks and acts younger longer, regardless of age.

Our customers have entrusted us with helping them to care for their skin – a highly personal element, critical to their self-esteem. Therefore, we hold ourselves to a higher standard for technology and formulation development and those high standards apply to everyone associated with mybody. We have spared no expense in bringing leading science and technology to our products to bring the best care, results and experience to our customers.

mybody - a higher standard

We have the highest respect for the body and its natural processes and believe through our unique approach to skincare and groundbreaking technologies, significant results can be achieved with minimal irritation.

Technology Development and Ingredient Selection:

The science of adapting biological designs from nature into improved technical applications that can be applied to what happens naturally in the body, but has been diminished with age.

Bioactive/ Biodisposable
Ingredients recognized and readily useable by the body which it can process and dispose of naturally

Safety Profile
Careful review of available scientific safety data for technologies and ingredients

Formulations tested on my body, not on animals.