Healthy Skin That Glows From Head To Toe

the story of mybody

The story of mybody begins with my own body and the search to find a skincare line that remedied the erratic changes in my skin during an undiagnosed thyroid condition in my early 30s. For two exhaustive years, my body suffered and my skin changed drastically becoming acneic, blotchy and very dry.  Even after thyroid treatment, my skin remained chronically problematic. As a make-up artist and a brand consultant for numerous start-up cosmetics companies, image was important to me, which always meant having great skin.

This sudden onset of "bad skin" lead to insecurity and I realized how little I knew about my skin and its interaction with the ongoing changes happening inside my body. Out of frustration I felt a serious need to find real solutions for myself and for other women who might also be experiencing similar skin conditions.  I knew my skin problems were beyond the limits of the traditional department store cosmetic counter. The first person I consulted was my mom, an award-winning OB/GYN nurse for the last 40 years. While she was versed in hormonal-related skin conditions, she wasn't as informed about current ingredients or clinical products I should be using. I also consulted Dermatologists who prescribed different oral and topical medications for acne and hyperpigmentation. Some of these proved to be effective short-term; however, I wanted immediate and long-term skincare solutions, but with limited oral medications and without further compromising my hormonal condition.

These realizations lead me to believe that there was a significant need in the skincare industry for an all-inclusive clinical skincare line formulated to meet the special skincare needs of women, as well as those with more severe, unpredictable skin issues. The sole intention for the brand was to create safe, high-performance products with purpose; customizable skincare that was serious without being overly intimidating or difficult to use.  I also felt that the line should be physician-dispensed to enhance results while maintaining the health of each patient.

After a few years of researching and developing the concept, I sought an experienced team who could help me refine and realize my dream. The opportunity came when I was introduced to David and Christine Watson. David Watson, a pioneer in the skincare industry and one of the original owners of the successful retail brand Philosophy®, was also the former co-owner of Biomedic® Clinical Skincare, one of the first and highly successful companies to develop aesthetic procedures and skincare administered by physicians. David's wife, Christine Watson, was a prominent cosmetics and skincare buyer for Harrods Department Store in London. Also a breast cancer survivor and role model to those living with cancer, Christine makes women's health a priority and contributes significant time and resources to different charities and organizations that support women and children.

Along with the Watson's vast experience and David's knowledge of clinical skincare, he assembled a visionary board of medical physicians and skin scientists on the forefront biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical research to help develop this next-generation skincare system that truly offers the best of the best. Together, this unique collaboration manifested into mybody, a clinical, integrative approach to skincare that combines innovation, education and safety into a simple, effective program dedicated to skin health and total well-being.

The name mybody reminds us that our skin and our body work together as a whole. When the mind and body are in balance, the skin appears more youthful longer regardless of age. Our motto "love my skin, love mybody™" has become a powerful affirmation. We challenge you to love your skin and love your body everyday for a lifetime of happy, healthy and beautiful skin.

- Therese